Project Area

Based on the existing agricultural products with developmental potential and value chain corridors linking mountain areas to downstream agribusiness and markets, the Project has selected 10 mountain districts from Mid-Western, Western, Central and Eastern Development regions as project districts, as follows:

  • Mid-Western Development Region: Humla, Mugu, Jumla, Dolpa Districts
  • Western Development Region: Mustang, Manang Districts
  • Central Development Region: Rasuwa, Dolakha Districts
  • Eastern Development Region: Solukhumbu, Sankhuwasaba Districts



These highland districts have no comparative advantage in cereals and low-value commodities, but have advantages in certain traditional and high-value products including wool, yak cheese, traditional paper, seeds, off-season vegetables, dairy, meat, and medicinal and aromatic plant products. In this context, the Project is intended to strengthen agricultural production and linkages with downstream business and markets, and improve the value addition retained by mountain people.