Directors Message

HIMALI, unlike other agricultural development projects, plans to provide competitive grants with an aim of developing viable agribusinesses and stimulating growth to raise income of actors of different value chains. Thus, not only the remoteness and inaccessibility of the project area, but, the new project concept and approach itself is a challenge to all of us – associated with successful implementation of the project.

As a multi-stakeholder project, HIMALI has been facing challenges of meeting expectations and addressing priorities of its different stakeholders, and coordinated efforts to achieve the goal it is supposed to achieve has always remained the core issue.

We, at HIMALI, despite odds and challenges, are determined to make the project a success, and expect necessary support from all the agencies and persons concerned both in public and private sector.

As the project area is exclusively high mountain region, I request people and communities there to make effective use of the resource available and participate actively in the project activities.


Dr Vijay Kant Jha

Project Director

HIMALI Project